D'Funky Spot

HITMAN*DDub/Me Psi Phi Entertainment



Dwayne Dixon the "HITMAN*DDub"

Cleveland, Ohio 

I've been DJ'ing for over 16 years for the school that I teach at. I specialize in Top 40, Urban (R&B, Rap, & Hip Hop), Pop, Gospel, and Gospel Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Old Skool, and Children Songs. I have also Dj'ed at several other events such as:


  • School Dances
  • Family Nights/Parent Teacher Conferences/PTO Events
  • 8th Grade Prom 
  • Youth Explosion/Fun Night
  • Church Cook Out
  • Couple's Night
  • Pastor's Anniversary Dinner 


  • Talent Show
  • Summer Camp Events
  • Pre Show Music for East Cleveland Theater
  • Fashion Shows
  • Dinner Events
  • Birthday Parties 
You can listen to some of my mixes at www.mixcloud.com/hitmanddub and www.DDDixon.com .